Don’t be afraid of the fire…..

Yesterday a word came from God that it was time to go into the fire for a refining process…but He said “do not fear”. Well that was easier said than done as God knows me, He knew this would be hard! I feared the fire meant a greater struggle and I (like many believers) am tired of struggle (who isn’t)!  So, in fear I [silently] began to panic! Thankfully, God stepped in (as always) and reminded me to rely/trust in Him, and reiterated His command – “DO NOT FEAR”. In obedience, I decided to seek Him for better understanding and this is what He revealed to me:

“Don’t be afraid of the fire, my daughter. Not many people make it to the fire. The fire is where you will see God more clearly than ever before….” – God 

If you read Daniel 3, you’ll notice they were thrown into the furnace for blending in with the world or putting themselves first. They were thrown in the furnace for being TOTALLY sold out to God…HIS will…HIS way…not their own. Even in the face of death, they stood for God proving they served God with their WHOLE HEARTS and not with their words or for what they thought they could get from Him.

It is at that point, the point in which they showed they were completely sold out for God, that they were thrown into the fire. Once inside they came face to face with the Living God, Who kept them in the fire and brought them out with His glory into a place of promotion!

O dear children of God, when He tells you the fire is coming, REJOICE for the fire is a place not many people go because they are unwilling to sacrifice themselves to get to that place.


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