God isn’t here to make everyone rich!

I thank God for Shayna Ashley and Sharenell Harris. This morning I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even read His word or pray with sincerity. My mind was cluttered. But God used those two people (and my momma) to remind me:

1. Who I am in Christ
2. What I was called to do
3. that He is indeed faithful
4. The walk is NOT easy at all, but it is well worth it to endure.
5. Your circumstances are not at all a reflection of God’s love for you or your relationship with Him.

Something else I’m starting to learn…much of the preaching we hear today leads people to seek God to get the desires of their heart. This is detrimental to the faith because when God doesn’t deliver on this, people become disgruntled with God, not realizing it’s not God but man painting God’s promises incorrectly. God is primarily concerned with our Spirit, with our hearts for Him, accepting His salvation and turning from sin with a repentant heart – accepting His forgiveness. His riches are not silver and gold…but spiritual riches of the fruits of His Spirit as listed in Galatians 5:22 – 23.

 What if someone told you that God wasn’t interested in making you rich on this earth (materially)…and that you’d endure struggle, lack, pain, etc. for the rest of your [human] life. There’s no major breakthrough that’s gonna take your family from the “pit” to the “palace” (from just getting by to being wealthy and able to live the life we often admire or dream about). You’ll live, you’ll thrive, you’ll have moments of joy but overall, life will just be life?

What if I told you it can’t be God’s plan for EVERYONE to be rich? Throughout the bible there are poor, there are sick, there are homeless, hungry, etc. Clearly, it’s not God’s intention to make everyone rich and successful because if that were the case we’d see that numerous times in His word. We don’t. Though preachers will preach this to millions of people throughout the word, as much as we want it to be true, it’s simply not.

What if I told you God is a good, wonderful great God, but His love for us is all the same. He doesn’t look on the “Christian” with more love, grace, joy, peace, mercy…. than He does the “atheist” He sees us all the same as we’re all sinners and He extended His grace to all of us. So Christians cannot expect to be exempt from struggle, pain, lack, hate, slander, lies…even violence. Yes, we are soldiers for Christ….God’s is pleased with our love for Him and desire to serve Him…but that doesn’t mean He’s giving self identified Christians, even those who actually live out His word, any type of special treatment….what would you say?

Would you still serve Him…would you still seek Him with your whole heart…would you still praise His great name and claim Him as your God? If you hesitate to answer this or if your first thought was no…. take it to God in prayer.  We must serve God from a place of pureness. Not to get. Only to give. We give to God. We give to others. We give until we have nothing left (as Christ gave until his own death)…and then, when it’s all said and done, we shall see the face of God and receive all that He has promised  (as Christ received His Glory upon resurrection).

It might not come on earth, it might not. Can you still trust God and serve Him anyway? Those who do/will….shall see the face of God and receive the crown of glory. He is true. He is faithful. Endure. Selah.

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