Waiting on God: An Invitation to Growth/Intimacy.

At the end of last year I went through a period where I was really frustrated with God because I didn’t “see” what He’d promised. I expected things to happen on my timetable and all that He’d shown, I wanted it at that moment. I’m a right now kind of girl…I’m not good at waiting around for something to be done when I can “make it happen”. So I would try to force things…outside of the time table of God, apart from His Spirit. I’d try to force friendships, spiritual growth in people I’d mentor, I’d try to force girls to step into the leaders I knew they could be (not realizing they might not be ready or may not even care to be), I tried to force weight loss in myself, passion, joy, success, financial increase – you name it..I’d try to force it. Not from a negative place, rather because I’m a driven girl and my drive motivates me to motivate others….. unfortunately, as with anything done in the flesh….it tends to backfire. As did all the things I was doing..and I can be stubborn so sometimes it takes me a minute to “see” clearly and understand what God is trying to teach.

In this, I realized….no matter how much you know God is behind you and has called you to something – you still have to WAIT on God patiently to grow and manifest the vision in accordance with His Will and Ways…on His timetable.  I’d failed the test of waiting…and waiting is one of the MOST important things you will do in Kingdom Building….don’t believe me…ask God. He’s been waiting to fulfill His promises since the fall of man…. and He doesn’t just WAIT…He suffers, LONG while He waits (Romans 2:4). Christ had to wait (John 2:4), Abraham had to wait for his promised son,  the Israelites had to wait until the right time to enter the promise land,  the Apostles had to wait to receive His Holy Spirit, and even now we wait for the return of Christ (Habakkuk 2:3, Zephaniah 3:8).

When we hear “wait” we really don’t think of it as an opportunity… but with God, waiting is always an opportunity for more! I recently asked God – what should I do while I wait? I get restless and when I become restless frustration sets in…. I complained to Him that I felt useless during the times of waiting….I felt that time could be better spent saving souls or doing something positive for His Kingdom and those in need. I prayed (or rather complained) on this and He answered my prayer by explaining how waiting (when He asks) is the perfect time for growth.You don’t wait ON God.. you wait WITH Him as He works on you.

King David wrote about waiting on the Lord and often spoke of how it renewed and blessed his Spirit (Psalm 27:14, 33:20, 40:1, 62:1, 130:5). Waiting can be the same for us, if we view it with the right perspective. When embraced, it is a time of sweetness…a time where He invites you to come and sit at His feet like Mary, whom Christ commended as choosing the “greater thing” – Him (Luke 10:38-42).

When we are asked to wait, we are invited to come to our Father (Abba) in prayer more often than usual that we might become more intimate with Him and realize His love for us even more. We are encouraged to study His Word, that we might receive revelation, understanding and knowledge to walk in the ways of Christ, that we might please Him. We are invited to mature in His Spirit that we are able to stand in the face of temptation, recognizing the traps of the enemy, so we are able to overcome his schemes and rescue those who remain in bondage to sin. We are molded in Christ and as He molds, he blesses us with the fruits of His Spirit that we might be a light (His light) to the suffering, the [spiritually] blind, the [spiritually] ignorant and even the willing and most arrogant of sinners…yes, EVEN those who mock and denounce His name (or mock you for your relationship and faith in Him). Waiting, when instructed by God,  is a time to review His promises for your future while also remembering His blessing and victories in your past so that your faith might be renewed and strengthened! WAITING…with God is an opportunity for deeper relationship…every time.

When God says “wait” He doesn’t mean we need to sit around twiddling our thumbs until it’s time….NO! He is essentially inviting us into His intimate workspace where He wants to heal, refresh, renew and transform (Isaiah 30:18, 40:31). He wants to bless us within our Spirits with things that cannot be taken away (John 14:27, Galatians 5:22-23). There will be plenty of time to work for Him, for His Kingdom; many days that you’ll be so busy with Kingdom work that you’ll barely have time to pray or study His word for yourself….and in those moments  you’ll long for the periods of waiting….you’ll beg for them.

So don’t fret when God says “WAIT”…rejoice, knowing “WAITING” is an action word that invites you into the intimate places of the Most High God…. Elohim that you may rest in His bosom and be transformed by His Love.

One couldn’t dream for a better invitation….

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