Segregation…in 21st century U.S.A OKAY?

Today I read an article about  Kansas passing an anti-gay segregation bill that allows various businesses/individuals who work in them the right to refuse a person assistance based on their sexuality if it interferes with their religious views. Now don’t get me wrong…I’ve always been a proponent of understanding on both sides of the fence – I think everyone has a right to believe what they want and no one should force anyone to believe otherwise – that’s whether you are gay, straight, gay friendly or anti-gay. HOWEVER – I take a major issue when an entire state passes a law that allows people to REFUSE service in places like HOSPITALS (or even as police officers) on the grounds of “religion”. I don’t know about the God these people serve…but I am pretty sure that discriminating against people, turning them away under the guise of your “religion” and treating them different than you would others is NOT something Jesus would do. AT LEAST, Jesus would minister to the people and show them His love.

I find it amazing that people continue to vilify gays and lesbians, with the same arguments they used to maintain slavery (i.e. religious belief) and also criminalize marriages between the races. Yet, these same people NEVER refuse service to parents with children out of wedlock, people who are divorced for reasons other than being unfaithful, people who have remarried when their first husband/wife are still alive, people who have children by different people, teenage mothers, people who are having sex outside of marriage, pork eaters, people who get drunk, atheist, people of other religions, people who mock God!

I’ve never seen a person stand on their religious convictions when it comes to dealing with people who lie, cheat, steal, gossip, or slander people. No one talks about the people who walk right by homeless, hungry, widows and orphans – without a second look or even a thought about how they can help – which is what God (especially in the Christian faith) calls us to do….but yet, all these people are still served, respected and treated with respect/equality….. oh…unless you’re gay!

I find it amazing…. absolutely amazing how self righteous and indignant some religious people can BE! How arrogant are any of you that you think you have the authority to treat someone differently because of your religion! Does the Bible not say to treat even your ENEMIES in love? Where – exactly – is the love in this?

*heavy sigh* I am recognizing more and more how many people can’t get to God because the people who CLAIM to serve Him (but are really chained to religion; and that’s ONLY when it benefits them)- do things that are discriminatory under the guise they are following Him. That is NOT God. No matter how dressed up, well preached and well behaved it may be …It’s NOT. God is not religion. Christ did not teach religion. More people would know this…if they took the time to know God.

Finally, HOW are they going to judge if something is a deeply held religious belief or just discrimination period? By what/whose standard are you gauging if someone is “sincere” in their belief or not?

How shall we prove Sally Sue Store refused to serve me because she is a sincere Christian who doesn’t  agree with homosexuality….will it be her record church attendance or her many church bake sales? Does she attend “sunday school meetin”and sing in the church choir?

If we allow even hospital staff and police officers, to deny service to gays and lesbians  – what’s to stop the KKK from standing on their “religious belief” of white supremacy…in fact, doesn’t this whole situation look a tad bit familiar? JIM CROW ANYONE…..

Will they allow gays and lesbians to stop paying taxes to state who feels they have the right to discriminate against them so ferociously, that they can make their prejudice LAW? Where’s the JUSTICE in that great America?

Next we’re going to start seeing “STRAIGHTS ONLY” signs hanging on bathroom and cafe doors….

I thought politicians were supposed to be for the people…not just the straight people?  

I can’t with America and its political pharisees…

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