21 Day Fast – does work for weight loss!

I recently gave up all things made with white flour, beef,all junk foods (chips, candy, cookies, etc), sugar, liquor (including wine…yes wine LOL) and all processed, fast and fried foods for the last 21 days. I only ate chicken, shrimp, fresh vegetables and fruit,whole grains, yogurts and drank nothing but water (I also allowed myself bacon in the morning – about 3 to 4 slices and I STILL lost weight!) Everything was baked or sauteed.

I used to eat ramen religiously, I enjoyed my oatmeal FULL of sugar and butter (yall know how we like it), and everyone who really knows me knows I can scarf down a loaf of white bread and potato chips like it’s nothing. Since cutting those things out – I have seen a CONSIDERABLE change in my body (in spite of not working out) and I FEEL BETTER overall, I think clearer, I get even more done now than before and I’m more focused!

I WISH I had taken before and after pictures of the problem areas I had (inner thigh, waist, abdomen, back) so you could see just how much fat was lost. It’s amazing! I can only imagine how much more I would have lost had I done the complete Daniel Fast and cut out all meats as well. But I am pleased with the results of the partial fast. It is important to understand your body type and the foods that work for you vs. those that work against you. For years doctors, God, my momma, and even Shayna have said cut out the sugar and the white starch, you’ll see a change – I didn’t listen, now that I have – I am pleased

Thanks God, for helping me make it through, You are EVERYTHING to me! Thanks to my babe for her ongoing support and encouragement, even joining in to support me.

Some people get old and remember their best days in their youth…me on the other hand…my best days and my best self are ahead!

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