Test, Attack or Consequence? (A devotional from the "God, For Sinners" – Devotional Series)

“God, for Sinners” Devotional Series by Trista Robinson-Ashley
Test, Attack, or Consequence: Blaming God, or the devil, but Overlooking Our Own Sins.

Some things in life are not the result of enemy attacks or even God testing us. Some situations are simply the consequences of not following God’s will and/or willingly doing something we know we should not do. We can easily get it confused and blame God, or the devil, for certain setbacks/circumstances in our lives…but it would be wise to stop, seek God, and take inventory of your actions, to ensure we recognize the truth of the situation.

Why is this important? 

If we continue to assume every situation is a test from God or an attack of the enemy, we can overlook the bigger issue – the sin in our lives. Yes, we know God forgives us for sin, but that does not mean we [always] get out of the consequences that come as a result of sin. Sometimes, God does give us grace and we don’t feel the consequences, but this is not always [and in my experience, not often]. God is a JUST God – even when it comes to the consequences His beloved children face.

I.E. Though Christ came into the world to give salvation and free us from the bondage of sin, but the consequence of sin is that we still live in the flesh and in a sin filled world that does not acknowledge God. Yes, our Father provided grace for us as a result of His infinite mercy, but we must also remember He is a just God, who does not interfere with the laws of sowing and reaping. If you cater to your flesh and sow sin, you reap the consequences of sin. If you focus on God and sow truth, you reap the benefits of truth and righteous living.

Some of us are going through certain situations in life and we’re begging, pleading, praying and sometimes blaming (be honest) God. As a result we’re becoming more and more consumed with our problems and less and less consumed with God— knowing God, loving God…serving God. 

We’re seeking His hand from a place of frustration and anger asking God why, why, why. And, we can’t hear God speak for all the talking, but He is speaking. 
Listen, be quiet. 

Stop blaming, complaining, yelling, and pointingand go to God with a repentant heart asking Him to help you see YOU, reveal to you any sins you’ve not repented for, any sins that resulted in consequences that you may not realize. Ask God to help you hear, understand and accept responsibility for anything you may have done….because until you do, you will find yourself going around the same mountain, making the same mistakes, in the same desert…

It’s time to come out…..go to God, listen and don’t dispute or combat. Yes, you can justify and blame and it will make you feel good for a moment; or, you can face God, allow Him to show you the truth, come to repentance, and receive His grace and mercy to begin life anew – coming out of the desert, away from the mountain, and into the abundant life He has called you to live. Try Him. Selah.

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” Galatians 6:7-8

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