Tears of joy……

I was never supposed to be here…

I was the girl that always felt unwanted….

Sometimes unloved…


I had no idea who I was….

Who I was meant to be….

I vested myself in relationships.










Then I guess God said – she’s not getting it.

So He pursued me.

He chased me down.

Sat me down.

Opened me up.

Broke my heart towards Him, that I might be able
and willing to come to full repentance.

And He poured into me.


Yes, God Himself.

Pours into me.

Little old me.

He chose me.

called me.

set me apart.

In spite of labels….

In spite of my orientation.

In spite of churches kicking me out and telling me
who I could not serve – as if they were God Himself.


My Father called me and He said to me this morning,

As I sat at His feet…and cried tears of joy in His arms…

“I am pleased with You my daughter…there is a time for all things….

A time to live…

A time to die…

A time to weep…

A time to rejoice….

This, My dear daughter, is your time to rejoice…

You have endured and proven yourself faithful and true to Me. 

Let no man tell You, I have not called you…

For I have called you for JUST a time as this…

Go…bless and be blessed. 

Love…and be loved.

Show others what life is really like with Me…..

Rest in Me. And I in You. 

And I AM with you always. 

Never again will you feel unwanted, unloved. 


This is your season.”

So…I laugh! This girl…just can’t stop crying – tears of joy…because I was never
supposed to be here…and never thought I would…….lol, I just hope I can stop crying
by the time they put my make-up on!!! LOLOLOL!!!

I have put my faith in God…and He has proven [though He did not have to, He’s just that kind of Father]
Himself time and time and time again. I will doubt Him NO MORE.

Psalm 13:5  – But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.

What a beautiful day to be a bride….

But Lord, I’m glad they are happy tears but PLEASE help me to STOP crying so I can function…


I think this song pretty much sums it all up….

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