A Prayer…for Today, for God’s Glory!

Glorious Father! 

I will bless You at all times, for Your praises shall continue to be in my mouth (Ps. 34:1) I Praise You! I applaud You Lord! (Ps. 117) Your love has taken over my life and I am glad! Your faithful ways are eternal O Lord, Your glory is never-ending, unmatched, and cannot be cancelled (Psalm 18:20 – 24) Thank You Abba, for being My Father, for being My provider, for being my Protector, my Shelter in the wind and storm. You are indeed my refuge Lord, You are my One and Only Savior. Father, I thank You that I am a new creature, because I am in Christ as it tells me in 2 Corinthians. I thank You that though I am yet still a sinner, You loved me enough to sacrifice Your Righteous Son, Christ Jesus, Who spilled His blood that I may live and have life…and have life to the full! I turn my face, my heart, my eyes to You Lord, I sacrifice my life and give all of me to You. Everything I am, everything I have now or will ever have – belongs to You. Even my first born to my last born. Father, the very hairs on my head are numbered by Your word and every hair, will do Your will just as will every limb. Train even my thoughts to You Lord, let me not even think of things that fall outside Your Kingdom way. Heal me of past hurts, broken hearts, lost dreams and disappointments. Take away the feelings of pain, fear, anguish, hopelessness. Help me to forget the former things and to not dwell on the past any longer! Your word said You are doing a NEW thing and Lord and it springs up NOW (Isaiah 43:18-19) ! I don’t want to be like Lot’s wife who was turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back, I want to be like Abraham, Noah, even Christ – looking forward to that which lies ahead because I know what is coming is greater than what has been! 

Heal our minds Lord…our minds…our minds…and our hearts. Lord we’re a broken people, broken and many of us are living with hurts, pains, disappointments and despair – touch right now Lord, wherever we are – whatever we’re doing – and run your righteous Right Hand across our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, give us a NEW way of thinking, NEW life, NEW Spirit, NEW mind Lord! Let us let go of the old wineskins that keep us in bondage to the old ways of thinking, which keep us bound to the old sins and habits that keep us in our desert periods. Lord, soften our hearts and open our ears, close our mouths and let us listen to You. Let us seek Your Face, to know You and stop seeking Your hand to get from You. Help us to develop relationship, to pant for you as a deer pants for water by a stream, let us become enthused in our walks, obsessed with Your love, and passionate about Your presence and our relationship with You. Let us not be comfortable with the surface, with the mundane, with secondary relationships but let every person, including myself and my family, develop a desire for You Lord that makes it impossible to get through the day without You. You are my EVERYTHING Lord. I cannot do this life without you! None of us can….and for those who think they can, forgive them and let them see what life is like when you remove your hand, that they may repent and return to You with a full heart. 

Father, I ask for revival – throughout the world. Bring Your children together from all parts of this earth, unite us. Help us to be as on, just as You, Christ and Your Holy Spirit are one who work together for the good of Your Kingdom. Give us courage to stand up instead of shying away. Give us strength in place of fear. Give us peace and confidence in You Lord. Help us to no longer be content with the mundane religious relationship and to begin to experience the fullness of Your power, Your way and Your truth – let us begin to walk in You, in Spirit and Truth and do the “greater things” that Christ told us we would do, just as the apostles did. Lord, right now, the church patterns itself after the world as if You are some copy-cat who isn’t the Creator of the universe! Nothing the devil can cook up is new or fresh, it’s all a knock off of Your genius Lord – so I ask that You help us to take back the arts, the media, the schools, the communities, our youth and young adults – Lord, help us to take back all these areas that have become corrupted with the ways of the world and return them to You! Help us to show the world that You are the true and living God and serving You is not outdated, bland, boring, or for prudes – anything the enemy can do, You’ve done and done perfect – his is only a poorly constructed knock off. Raise up young children, youth, teenagers, young adults, old adults – everyone Lord – You said You would pour out Your Spirit on Young and old – so we’re looking for that! We’re expecting that! Revival Lord! Revive! 

Lord, you already know the burdens faced by every person represented in this room – even if they never look in – I ask that you intervene Lord. Where salvation is needed, give them a heart of repentance and turn their hearts to Christ that they may accept Him and begin life anew! Bring people into their lives who will nurture and support them, who will be an example. For those who need growth Lord, grow them in You. Give them a heart for You, help them to cut out the distractions and excuses that keep them from getting closer to You, spending time with You. Send people to help them learn, to show them how to study, to be patient with them to work with them, someone they can relate to as they grow in their walk with You. Give them a willing spirit and a desire to do so for themselves. For those who need to come to repentance because they have strayed away from Your loving path – restore them Lord, give them the heart of repentance, compel them to return to You where life is secure, where You are our refuge, our covering, our grace. Lord, I know that some of us can’t get past our own circumstances to come to You so I ask for Your mercy and Your grace, ease the burdens Lord, give them some help – for Your glory – be the provider that You are, the Father who gives greater gifts than good fathers on earth, Who feeds the sparrows and dresses the flowers of the fields. Lord You know all of our needs: food, clothing, transportation, debt relief, new homes, financial increase, lasting employment, healing, weight loss, evictions, relocations, grief, prison, childcare, protection, mental health, friendships, love, children…Lord whatever the issue whatever the problem – we know You are the answer and nothing is to hard for You Lord. I ask that You answer these problems in such a way that we know it is You Lord and I pray that when You do, each and every person has a heart of gratitude that moves us to deeper relationship, trust, and faith in You. 

Thank You Abba for answering this prayer before I even typed it, thank You for putting this prayer on my heart and for moving on it Lord. Thank You for transforming lives and that someone will be saved today Lord! Thank You! You are a glorious, mighty, marvelous God and I adore You!! Now to Him Who is able to do immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine according to His Power at work within us, I give GLORY TO GOD!! PRAISE HIS NAME!!! Amen and Hallelujah!! God is Good!

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