Loving People in spite of People…..

If you cut-off every person who lets you down, hurts you or breaks your trust – you’ll surely find yourself completely alone in the end. So what do we do?

We need to love people enough to love them where they are, as they are – this is what it means to love someone fully, deeply, without condition. That’s not to say that we should open ourselves up to manipulation and allow ourselves to be used and abused, by no means, but that is to say – that even if someone has done us intentional harm and they mean us malice – we – who bear the name “Christian” – must be willing to keep on loving.

Our love should always be evident – even in the midst of hatred from others. We should always show and offer the love Christ has so freely (and mercifully) given to us. The only perfect love…is the love of God….so stop holding people to perfection in this area. All of us are flawed and all of us, at some point, will hurt someone even in when intentions were/are pure. Not every hurt is done out of malice or even with ill intent.

Instead, we are called to do as Christ does…. meet them where they are. Love people in spite of things. Love people anyway! Real love, pure love — the kind of love that loses count of who has done more and who has done less. The kind of love that gives and helps without underhanded motives. the kind of love that endures– even when you may not receive back the same love and kindness, even in the face of slander and hate – LOVE!

Be strong, be courageous, be firm and wise, be diligent! Focus on love and keep your eyes on Christ and let Him do the rest.

Beyond the faults.
Beyond the pain. 
Through the betrayal.
In the midst of anger and frustration. 
When they try to manipulate and use. 
When they slander and abuse. 
When they scheme and lie. 
When they hate you without reason and they set you up to throw you down. 
Love! Deeply. 
Love! Purely. 
Love! Wholly. 
For LOVE! covers a multitude of sins….even your own. 
The answer to all things….

*Note, this is not to say if you are being abused – physically, spiritually, or emotionally that you are to stay with someone under the guise of love. You can love someone and also sometimes have to walk away from that person to protect yourself and your spirit. Some people do not mean you well and the enemy (the devil) will use any vessel he can to come against you. However, if God instructs you to walk away from someone who is not acting in love towards you – someone who may have even harmed you – this does NOT give you permission to go around slandering, gossiping, and generally being messy and nasty towards the individual(s) or when mentioning the person to others.

If you’ve nothing nice to say or you can’t help – pray about it. Keep praying for God to heal you and help you overcome your anger – daily if necessary (trust me I’ve done it) – until you find that you no longer harbor resentment, anger, or strife for that/those person(s). We are still called to love and forgive ALL people  that we may also receive forgiveness… seek guidance from God always above all else and let don’t make moves until He guides. Blessings!

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