….A New Season on the Horizon…..God is Awesome!

Dear God, You told me that those who usually have my back would not be there this go round and it would be people I never expected – even some who were once against me – who would be my biggest supporters now….and of course – You were right! At first, I was extremely afraid and a bit upset with You over this…every time I turned around it was like I was losing SOMETHING…since I left Houston I’ve LOST, LOST, LOST at least that’s what I thought initially – —- I now realize, I’ve gained so much in YOU – most importantly a relationship with YOU. Talk about a transformation – HA!! Anyone who knows Trista  before 2008 can tell you I am truly NOT the same person I was five years ago…shoot…even two years ago. LOL.

That being said – I’m finally grasping this concept of TRUSTING GOD COMPLETELY and I’m really looking forward to all You have in store – all the new relationships and doors that You are opening…. I’ve had a lot of ashes in my life and I’ve been disappointed more than I care to think on – but You said, a new season is coming and everything You have been promised will come to pass – as long as I continue to seek You and keep You first. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Lord, I trust You. I believe You. I rely on You. I’ve given up all those ashes and I look forward to the beauty You are bringing into my life!

I thank You for every person who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and loving; yes, even those who were sandpaper, causing me to mature in love, forgiveness and how I treat and react to others. I’m done dwelling on people who are no longer here whether I separated myself or they separated themselves, I’ve spent too much time toiling over people trying to force things, force relationships…then being disappointed when the things don’t work out the way I expected — I’m done with that, I’m letting them go and moving on…with no ill feelings attached…just peace in knowing that what’s coming is greater than what has been.

I am really looking forward to this new season – with new connections, new relationships and putting down roots in a place where we can form lasting relationships and impact our communities for the better. 🙂 It’s time [finally] for me to put down some roots again, develop lasting friendships here in our local area, and really impact the community – bless some people  and enjoy ourselves  in the process. I’m excited Lord… Thank You for all of it..every single moment that has instilled in me the strength, determination, motivation and joy I have today! YOU ARE GOD ALONE AND YOU ARE AWESOME! 🙂

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