I’m not at all perfect…but in Christ, I strive to be…. so can you!

Something I got from the sermon today by Joyce Meyer (Seven Characteristics of a Perfect Heart) :

God will keep bringing people/circumstances into your life that aggravate, frustrate, cripple, and anger you until you get to the point where they DON’T! This is one of the reasons why we keep going around the same mountains and dealing with the same issues over and over again and never seeing resolution – we’ve yet to pass the test. Many times, God will send someone or something to correct you in regards to this as a form of help but if we don’t have the right heart, instead of receiving the correction we rebuke it and run from it, claiming it to be of the devil or “hating” when in fact it’s not that at all. What it really is, is correction brings pain, discomfort, guilt so we’d often rather stay in bondage to the sin that is familiar and comfortable – making excuses for it although we see it taking us lower and lower – than receiving the word, checking our attitudes, actions, hearts, and repenting before God and allowing Him to change the behavior. So, we don’t pass the test, we go right back around that mountain instead of getting off the ramp like God desires. And each test gets a little bit harder. What tests are you facing today? What correction has been given to help you that you’ve shunned? When are you going to give it up and let God do His work?

I know for me personally it is dealing with people who do things that upset, hurt, frustrate or bother me. It is also dealing with sometimey Christians – you know sometimes they saved around one group of friends and then sometimes they are not around another group of friends. I have a really bad habit of talking to my closest confidants  and even my partner about them out of “concern” because I felt it wasn’t “Gossip” if I know the people I talk to won’t spread it to the masses but we just discuss it among ourselves – but to God, it’s still gossip (I’ve repented and God is helping me in this area now) and I also have a terrible time not allowing my anger or frustration with the person come out in my attitude toward them – not that I go off but you can tell by the way I cut them off, my conversation is cold, or I generally just ignore the person which is not showing God’s love at all, as God has said to me time and time again, what if I acted this way towards you every time you let Me down? ouch!  God has really been dealing with me on this to alert me of the fact that this is an area I need to work on and I am grateful for it because conviction/correction bring change and if you can’t receive either – you are not open to change which means you are stagnant in your spiritual life.

Now I know some of you are sitting here saying OH YEA YOU NEED TO WORK ON THAT but  even saying that shows the attitude is totally off – this is not about me, though I shared to show I am not perfect even as one who comes in and teaches the word – but this is about all of us. What areas are you sloppy in? What areas do you make the excuse that you’re “only human” or you “can’t help it” or “Jesus ain’t done with me yet” as a pass for your sin? At the end of the day sin is sin and if you know enough to say “I’m only human” or “Jesus isn’t done with me yet” then you know it’s wrong. It is time out for sloppy Christian living confusing people in the world as to what is of God and what is not.  Receive the correction God provides through the various outlets, heed it, repent and begin to study in those areas where you are weak (i.e. for me it is gossip/attitude when someone (I feel) does me wrong and the Love Walk) and stay prayerful in those areas and allow God to change you – but don’t just pray and expect it to change like wala! You have to make a conscious effort to not engage in these things. If you know something you are doing is of the flesh (i.e. I’m only human) as long as you continue to do it  – you are willingly sinning and grieving God. Why not start today to make that change and fully commit to God?

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