Why is God the last Choice? Try Him Today…. !

Before I came to God I tried everything else under the sun… I tried hedonism, I tried devil worship (yes I really did), I tried Wicca, I tried Voudou, I tried “Spirituality” – apart from God, I tried just cutting the whole spiritual aspect altogether in an effort to run away from God because I felt the church was hypocritical and it was a joke….you name it I probably tried it! But today, I stand as a living testimony that GOD SURELY LOVES ME…and HE LOVES YOU THE SAME. 

It’s interesting that when seeking to fill that void in our lives – we will try all these other things…other “religions” but the first one most of us attack are “Christians”. We’ve been hurt by people but we don’t blame every single person we meet for that hurt (most of us) yet, we have one (or a few, as in my case) negative encounters with people who claim to know God and we immediately shut Him out and make a mockery of those who have relationship with Him. I am here to tell you, if you are searching, stop running from this person to that person, this church to that church, this “spiritual” thing to that “spiritual” thing – and run to GOD. NO, you don’t have to identify yourself as “Christian” – Jesus never called Himself a Christian it was a name given by man…and you don’t have to immediately jump into a church – Christ came and died so that you could have an intimate personal relationship with HIM, not so you could go to church and then go home and forget all about what He’s done.

There really is power in relationship with Christ. Everything is not easy, it’s not like a magic genie in a bottle where all your problems will suddenly go away and that’s not to say you will never do anything wrong….but give God a chance. You’ve given everything else a chance but refuse to invest in God….what are you afraid of? That it might actually work? And if it doesn’t work (though I promise you it will if you are sincere) what really are you missing out on? God’s not asking you to do anything but accept Christ and trust Him….. it’s not hard either, God desires honesty, purity, an open and mold-able heart – you can start right in your living room – I did…. 4 years ago God began to do a work in me and little by little it progresses…. so I encourage you…all of you…to the many on my newsfeed who are lost and searching, hurting, crying, jumping from this to that trying to fill a void that just won’t be filled – GO TO GOD and if you don’t understand how or what to do – watch the video below and then contact me, I’ll be happy to help you. As said in this message, “I was rescued, so I come to rescue others who also suffer as I have”. God Loves You and He Desires You forget all that stuff and junk that you think you know about Christ and really get to know the TRUE LIVING GOD…. will you let Him in?

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