When God Says Cut It Off…CUT IT OFF.

When God tells you to cut something off…don’t delay….don’t think about it using your human mind/logic…wavering back and forth between what you THINK you should do based on what you see in the natural…we need to heed the order of God because it’s God. He knows all things, things we couldn’t possibly see. We often attack our problems and difficulties with a natural eye but we fail to see the spiritual aspect of it – and some of us, like myself, can see and understand the spiritual aspect of it but still fail to heed God because we’re concerned about the natural – what people will say, how it will look, what others will think, the backlash and conflict that may come of it – BUT I AM HERE TO TELL YOU…WHEN GOD GIVES AND ORDER, IT IS INDEED FOR YOUR GOOD AND HIS GLORY. No matter how you may feel about it, heed it!

There are things going on in the spiritual realm right now – a shift in the atmosphere and God is surely cutting ties between those who are of God…vs those who are not. Many people claim to love and worship God but it is without substance….and you can tell this by their actions/reactions, attitudes, words, and fruit. Some of us God is removing to protect us from being affected by the judgment He is beginning to reign down – YES, if you stick around someone God tells you to get away from, you can indeed be affected by the judgment they receive.

Remember Lot and his family in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19)? God sent angels to tell them to leave so they would not also be destroyed – can you imagine what would have happened if they had stayed? And understand, when God says GO…and CUT IT OFF…that means do just that – don’t be like Lot’s wife who though she got out, perished with the city anyway because she looked back, longing for the city when God told them to go forward! You can’t look back… you can’t tarry and discuss….argue… you can’t even worry and wonder what will happen to them – let God deal with that, because doing so will cause you to be destroyed just like them (Genesis 19:17, 26).

We can’t always see what is operating behind something or someone with our natural eyes…and because of this, it is always important to trust God and do as He order you to do. Sometimes, as with Lot, we may hesitate but thank GOD if you are indeed His righteous child He will send His children to you (in Lot’s case Angels) to grab your hand and push you out so that you are not consumed. Heed those warnings and be obedient. Many, many of God’s children suffer simply because we refuse to honor God by cutting off the things and people that are not pleasing to Him and we continue a cycle of discord, depression, lack, and suffering – not at God’s will but at our own will.

Right now, in this season. God has sent our His warning to the masses, many will hear…but not all will receive…and not all will heed and do as God said. I understand this because God did so with me and it took me a long time to heed, though I had received – I hesitated because in my own thinking, I didn’t see how God could ask me to do such a thing. But NOT MY WILL LORD – YOURS. As we go into this new season, it is important to understand that we are in a time of judgment for those who are not of God will come under His wrath – you don’t want to be affected by their judgment and you don’t want to be hindered either. This is not to scare anyone this is the truth and we need to stop dancing around and sugar coating the things of God because doing these things keep people in bondage.

Surround yourself with the things and people of God…. we are no longer in a season where we can waver back and forth between the world and God… we will either serve Him with our whole hearts, or not at all. For darkness has no association with light… it is time to remove the darkness (those who you know are not serious about God, those things that are not pleasing to God, the excuses, the willful sin, and those God reveals to you to remove) from your lives and walk in the light. If you don’t, you will be cut off….and given over to that which you continue to hold onto. Selah.

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