Dear Daughter (From Abba – God the Father)

Dear Daughter, 
“The enemy is angry, the time is near and with that, so is judgment, not just of this world but of satan and all his deeds. Because of this he desires to do what he always does, kill, steal, and destroy all the more so. Of course he is not going to go after his own – rather innocence – because every one of My Children he takes he feels he has gained something and hurt Me. This is surely not about you all, this is why many of these attacks are not understood and why many of these cowards take their lives after the fact. There are spiritual forces of darkness at work here…but don’t be afraid because the forces that are with and in Me are greater than those that are with him. HE CANNOT WIN and HE WILL NOT.
How could this happen, you ask Me? Because this nation has worshiped and welcomed evil for ages long. You feed your children garbage on television, video games, movies – violence, sex, drugs – this nation has become desensitized to pain and anguish, the youth think it nothing more than an afterthought – they see it all the time and they now think it “cool”. Kids desire to be “martyrs of evil” rather than “martyrs of righteousness” and the enemy loves to use every one he can to push fear into the hearts of those left behind. You can’t worry about them though, My judgment will take care of them and they will pay for ever innocent life lost and all the pain and anguish they inflicted upon those they harmed.
I did warn you all, I tried so many times. But I am a just God and I don’t force myself upon anyone, neither will I force myself upon any nation. So my warnings are subtle but recognizable. Columbine was a warning, Virginia Tech was a warning, Wedgewood Baptist Church was a warning, Red Lake High School was a warning, The Amish school house was a warning, Westroads mallwas a warning, Northern Illinois University was a warning…Oikos University, Aurora Colorado, and even more recently, Tuesday’s Clakamas Town Center was a warning….how many more innocent lives need to be lost before your nation realizes not only do changes need to be made without but also within? If September 11, 2001 didn’t shake you, bring You to your knees and back to Me….then how much death must come before You all get it?
This season is a season of judgment, as you studied the number 9 yesterday you learned that 9 represented the judgment of man and his works…but do not be afraid, do not be alarmed, I am with those Who seek Me, I am not distant and uncaring, My heart broke well before yesterday because I foresaw what was to come and I knew how it would break your hearts and the hearts of those directly affected. But your laws, your hate, your selfishness, pride, your lack of care for those who are mentally unstable, and lack of concern for those who are hurting and suffering, and more importantly – your lack of relationship with Me are all contributing factors to scenes such as this one – and then there’s that spiritual aspect at work again. It is very important for those who are in Me to trust Me and seek Me daily about their lives, their comings and goings, and their affiliations these days. Trust Me, no matter what reports may say, none of the babies suffered, My angels were on charge well before things started and I snatched the souls of those babies before they could feel the pain. They came right into rest, where they cannot be harmed, and though it hurts to hear this – especially for the parents- do not mourn for them, for they are in the better place. It is they who should mourn for You all. Especially those who are not in Me.
You and many of My children keep asking Me to show Myself strong, You are worried that people will begin to doubt and turn from Me when they see things like this. You are fearing that people will begin to curse God and cast Me aside – well My children, I am here to tell You, they already have. But do not worry, just as you will see terrible things, so shall you also see My strength, My power, and My everlasting Might. My promises cannot be broken for whatever I speak is truth…whatever I think comes into being. I promise You …a better day – a better life is ahead where you will dwell with me in peace and safety away from the evil that kills, steals, and destroys.
I AM comforting the families and I will work all things together according to My will. You do as you are called on this earth and speak My word – even when unpopularand serve my people – especially the heartbroken, the downtrodden, and those who have been shunned and cast out. For I AM doing a new thing and many who claim to be of Me will be revealed false…and many whom people think could never be of Me, will be revealed true.
Be not deceived My dear, sweet children, for I AM not mocked. I AM never surprised. I AM always in control. All that evil sows it shall reap and all who willingly allowed themselves to be used by evil will received their due harvest on that great and terrifying Day of Judgment. 
But for now, there is much work to be done and little time to complete it. I need all of My children to focus on Me and remain in Me.
I am with You always.
Do not be afraid. 
Do not fear. 
Trust me.
I AM not delayed.  
I love You.
Abba (Father God).

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