Do you tell yourself, you’re to busy for God? pt 1 (God for Sinners Devotional Series)

Many people make excuses when it comes to spending time with God…they know they need to do it but, they always find a reason NOT to do so.
Without spending time with God you are unable to develop a relationship with Him and it grieves God to watch us give our time to other people and/or things but continuously exclaim “But I just don’t have time”. In reality, none of us are so busy that we just don’t have time to spend with God – in fact, if you are reading this right now it is clear you have some time at some point in the day – you find time to eat, shower, go to the restroom – and enjoy entertainment and rest, therefore, we all have time if we make it.
How arrogant are we that we continue to expect God to bless and prosper us when we fail to do our part which more than just acknowledging Him (even those who don’t follow God do that) but to HONOR Him in every part of our lives – this includes TIME.
I always say, if someone were to constantly claim they had no time for YOU, eventually you would begin to take that personal and feel slighted, after a while, you’ll probably remove yourself from this individual altogether or you’ll spend a large amount of time resenting this person. Either way, it will result in a breakdown of the relationship because you recognize someone that loves you – invests time in you.
So why do we continue to think it ok to NOT give God His due time but we continue to pray to receive His blessing, guidance, protection, deliverance? Be not deceived my dear sisters and brothers, God will not be mocked – whatever you sow, you will reap…and if you sow more time into yourself, your needs, your desires, your wants – and things/people of the world over God – you will not reap the blessings of God in your life. For a moment, God will give you grace – but we are entering a new season, a season in which God is saying I am separating those who love Me with their whole hearts from those who simply “acknowledge me” or “forsake me altogether”. The acknowledging type are those of us who KNOW God, who have accepted Christ, who say we want to build a relationship with Him but we make no actual effort to do so because “we don’t have the time” or “we forget”.
God desires none should perish, so He continues to send grace and word to motivate you unto Him…today, He has asked me to write 22 ways in which you can begin to develop a relationship that includes time with God….I pray you read and heed them, if you are having difficulty with this in your life…..God is will not continue to listen to the excuses that allow you to put Him on the back burner until you need or want something – HE WILL TURN HIS FACE and leave you to the idols that take up your time and attention, and those He has sent to encourage, uplift, and help you grow in Him will also be removed, that you may indulge in the life you choose over God , since you don’t have the time. 
See the next post for the 22 ways! 

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