Who cares what they say? What God has for YOU is for YOU! (Give myself away by William McDowell music included)

Sometimes, you just don’t have the words to express how you feel to the Father…and you know what? That’s ok! Today I was praying and praying and I just couldn’t get it all out – and then God brought me this song and I said – YES LORD, THIS IS HOW I FEEL!

How many people are really willing to give themselves away for God? And this has nothing to do with your church, religion, what your preacher or pastor told you – I’m talking about giving YOUR SELF to GOD…on your own?

So many of us have these jacked up relationships with God because we allow to many other people come in and tell you what God wants for you and how He wants you to do it, when and where…telling you – it has to be like this – there is no way God is in that but how do they know?

What God has for YOU is for YOU. When God calls YOU He calls YOU. What’s keeping you from Him other than YOU? You can’t blame religion, you can’t blame church folk, hypocrites, those who judge and condemn – tell you, you are not worthy. God is saying NO MORE OF THOSE EXCUSES!

So many long for God…but are too afraid to serve Him because of what they’ve been told and what people will think…what others may say if they do serve God – you feel you won’t be accepted by God or by others….. but let me tell you, step outside those lies and I DARE YOU to run to God today. Play this song of worship, sing the songs, if you don’t know Christ but you want to – ask Him into your heart by simply asking for forgiveness of your sins, confessing Jesus is Lord and you believe He died for our sins and was raised from the grave and begin to spend time with Him in prayer and study.

If people rebuke you for trying to know God – turn to someone who won’t…heck if you need to reach out to me, leave me a comment and I’ll reach out to you – but whatever you do, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU GOD CAN’T USE YOU AND DOESN’T”T LOVE YOU – DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST IS NOT FOR YOU! 

You can know Him and love Him and have your life restored to Him, where you will begin to walk in peace and joy! The promises of God ARE for YOU! Receive them with an open heart.

I love you, but know, God loves you so much more!!!

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