It’s Amazing….Amazing I tell ya!

Lord, it’s amazing the type of intimacy one can get with you when you have a day of silence, peace, and no distractions. Lord I thank you for every day you allow me to have peace with You…just You! I thank you for restoration and relationship, I thank you for intimacy…. I am IN LOVE with You Lord, what you have for me is better than what the world offers, I will always and forever choose You. I choose You. I Love You. I love You for loving me. I love You for using me, calling me, for removing the scales from my eyes and letting me see this world for what it really is and all that I was allowing it to do to me. I thank You for calling me back and using those things in my past – that once shamed me – to bring You glory and deliver others out of bondage. Lord I thank You and I praise You and I serve You….there is none like YOU LORD. 
No greater LOVE….no money, no human, no relationship, no dream, no blessing, no fantasy can compare to You…I’ve searched the world, I’ve tried the drugs and the drinking and the parties and the carrying on…and all of that only left me feeling emptier and emptier…then I returned to YOU MY GOD and YOU gave me life in abundance and to the full. For I know the plans You have for me and when they are revealed to the masses, You will get the glory and many will be saved. People praise the devil all day long publicly so why hide my prayers and praise for You? No rocks will cry out for me….because when it is all said and done, I long for the crown of righteousness and to hear you say  “Well done my Good, Faithful and BELOVED daughter, come…I have made a home for you with Me and you will suffer no more” In Jesus Name, I pray for all those who are lost out there in the world, who are blinded by false gods with their hope in tangible things…. have mercy on them Lord,  for we who serve You know the time is now when You will begin to call down judgment on those who have shunned and mocked You in pride and arrogance and those who have treated you as a genie or ATM only calling you when they need something. The time is now…You will not be mocked. And I long to see Your glory! Whew! I LONG for it! 

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