Are You Serving God From Fear or Love – Closing Words (God for Sinner Devotional Series)

Think about it this way, if you sacrifice for someone you love dearly, you don’t expect them to return your love and sacrifice by thinking you are evil and you are someone to be feared. In fact, that would possibly hurt you to have to constantly try to encourage your loved one not to be afraid of you. That’s how it is with God, He created us, He sacrificed His only Son for us, He loved us even when we didn’t love Him and He desires to show us just how much He really loves us with His blessings. The bible is filled with promises and blessings and chronicles that urge us to choose God and serve God from a pure heart of love – so imagine how He feels when we serve Him just to keep Him “appeased” so that we don’t end up in hell or to please someone else in our life to gain their approval or whatever it is we feel we need from them. Imagine the slap in the face that would be if someone did that to you? So why do we so easily do it to our Father? 
Yes, Hell is real and yes we should have a fear of God but not in the natural sense – not in the fight or flight sense. We should serve God out of love for Him, out of a pure desire to know Him- intimately. Anything less than this is cheating you – not Him, though He longs to welcome you into the family of faith and He longs to see you have life to the full, in abundance as He sent His Son Christ to give – but God is so good that He will not force Himself on anyone – God is not and has never been a rapist and He won’t start now. 
Don’t let the enemy fool you. God is Love and we should serve Him from a place of love with a reverential fear that = respect, awe, admiration, honor – from this we are compelled to obedience because we Love God and we recognize that He loves us… more than we can fathom, even better than we love ourselves. And this type of love produces change within and develops the fruits of the spirits and helps you to stand up under trials and persecutions, it helps you trust God during times of discipline rather than view Him as a big mean angry bully. 
Remember when Adam and Eve first entered the garden? They had free range and frolicked naked and free without a care in the world. There was no fear, they were ignorant to such a thing because they had no reason to fear by human standards – not until they sinned and ate the fruit. What’s the first thing they did when they heard God coming? Hid themselves – I’m sure partly out of shame for their nakedness but primarily out of fear because they knew (after eating from the tree of Good and Evil) they had done evil in God’s sight. This is the first instance of fear in the bible and it comes only after the fall of man – being seduced by the enemy into sin which gives birth to guilt which gives birth to fear and the cycle continues. The enemy has been doing this for centuries – it’s time for us to stop being mere babies walking into the traps of the enemy as if we don’t know better. The time is out. 
If you’ve been serving God out of a place of fear, today is the day to STOP. Right now, this is your warning, this is your word, this is your breakthrough right here – STOP and seek God to help you overcome that fear and serve Him out of love and reverence. Get books on the Love walk, How God loves and views You (the individual), intimacy with God; study His word, listen to sermons on these topics (Joyce Meyer as TONS!), spend much time in prayer (yes, much) talking to God directly  – these things will help you learn how to view and serve God correctly (with Love) or for those who are serving God to please others, they will introduce you to intimacy and relationship with Him that will help you see God for yourself and serve Him correctly. 
God wants a relationship with YOU, yes YOU, a serious, ongoing, eternal one – that will supersede any other relationship you’ve ever had or will ever have on this earth – yes it even that one.  Make a choice right now today, if you have been living in fear to rededicate your life to Christ out of Love and out of a pure heart to know Him and Him alone. Will you accept?

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