Conform or Reform? Let your light Shine (God for Sinners Devotional Series)

Have you ever noticed how much pressure the world puts on us to conform? Recently I heard a woman talking about how women need to be more like “mistresses” than wives in order to keep their husbands from cheating. I hear a lot about how young women need to be careful to ensure they don’t get raped or disrespected by those in society. I hear about how we need to protect ourselves from people cause “people crazy” so we are encouraged to buy weapons, security systems, forts…. Exaggerated but only by a little. 
All these things focus on the wrong thing and send the wrong message. The message sent is that people need to conform and adapt to sin and filth. Instead of being reformed by the power of Christ so that these things are not prevalent in the world. We do need to conform but not to the ways of the world by taking on their practices and allowing them to infiltrate our lives…. I shouldn’t have to walk around with an attitude to combat the nasty actions or words of others – instead, we should encourage all people to be mindful of their words, deeds and action and encourage them to do better – but we don’t. 
This is why God’s light – the light that shines within each member of the body of Christ- is so important. With so much darkness in the world, just one light can make a major difference. Look at the difference the light of Christ continues to make centuries later….. Imagine how huge an impact it would be if every person who claimed to love Christ set out to shine that light on all the darkness they encounter with God’s help and guidance. The enemy and his agents are well versed at getting people to conform and adapt to the ways of those around them and he knows this. In fact, the enemy really doesn’t have to work too hard these days because he has more than enough minions (demons) and humans alike to do his bidding. 
And where are the soldiers for God? Right now, we look outnumbered, in fact, we may be out numbered because the road to righteousness is the road less traveled not most.  Knowing this, we are indeed even more responsible for ensuring our light is shining as our Father requires. It is this light that draws people, it is the light that helps change people, it is the light that helps stop the conforming and push others into reforming under Christ. It is the light of God…through the word of God…and the love of God…. That lives in us by His Spirit. 
It is this light that changed and filled you…and now it is your duty to take that light and help light the torches of all your brothers and sisters (called by God) who are still stuck in the darkness.
Ask yourself, how bright is your light? Is it shining for all to see sharing this light with those lost in the darkness or is it hidden, covered in filth, or disguised so you can fit in, somewhere under a lamp shade, behind fear and worldliness?
 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” ~Matthew 5:16
Let the light of God SHINE.

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