Successful…Happy…and Miserable. Misery LOVES company.

[In the world] The appearance of perfection/success/wholeness, is much more important than working toward these things in reality. Most would rather linger miserably in the lie than invest diligently in the truth – this is why most achieve temporary moments of happiness but never any real, lasting joy/peace. The saddest truth about a liar is when you realize, the biggest lies are the ones they tell themselves. You can help someone see the truth when others are lying but to help someone realize the truth when they insist on lying to themselves…
I like to people watch…and listen – observe. I pay attention primarily to body language and the things people don’t say over what is said because I find these things to be of greater value than all the idle words we speak. Have you ever watched a bird with a broken wing trying to fly? I haven’t but I imagine it’s a sad sight – watching the little thing trying to take off but knowing it can’t because the wings just don’t work. That’s how I feel about some people I watch. 
Too often people rely on their material things and “achievements” as markers of their success – they’ve done “it” whatever “it” is and they have it all together. I laugh when people explain how good their life is by rattling off all the stuff they have, all the money they make, their title, education, social life or otherwise. But if you really pay attention you can see the desperation bubbling under the surface. I personally don’t have “it” altogether …still working towards my first degree, still have debt that I need to repay, and just now getting into a career that I love. If you pair me up against someone who has education, income, and limited or no debt, I’d look like I was losing but thankfully, I no longer measure myself by those things. And neither should anyone else. 
I see so many people wasting their time going in circles and achieving nothing but more misery. Completing the same cycles over and over again but too “intelligent” to heed sound council and judgment from those around them. Chasing the wind for joy, love, and peace, happiness – only to find temporary moments of pleasure rather than lasting joy because the “joys” they invest in are false…fake…phony. Much like the faces they wear.  
It must be tough acting all the time, putting on a face to take on the day. When you can only enjoy a moment if it includes other people, when you can only be happy when things go your way, when you can only be social with people who tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear… must be tough. When you arrive at the point in life that you can’t stand to be alone with you for any amount of time…you have no peace and where there is no peace – there is no joy or stability. Your life becomes a series of “moments” and like an addict you become more and more willing to risk whatever you can to ensure those moments continue, no matter how fleeting they may be. 
Let me caution you, those who dwell in this type of life, no matter how many faces you put on…or what you try to hide…there are those of us who can see right through the facade, into the spirit, and we recognize the desperation and brokenness in you. You don’t have to continue to carry around the mask and bandage yourself up with liquor, pills, and narcotics…. You don’t have to chain smoke and curse out the children or shut down and grumble about people behind their backs and say nothing to their faces…. Just be honest. Start with God and yourself. Then be honest with others and accept that you, like everyone else in this world, is just as flawed as the devil in the pulpit. 
Otherwise, you will delve deeper into the pit of misery you continue to dig until you end up buried by the very things you thought made you so perfect. Only God can give you what you need. Run to Him. Selah.  

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