When God says BE STILL….listen. Please, listen.

To some, God is saying MOVE….to others, God is saying BE STILL…. notice, even Jesus had to BE STILL for 40 days before going out and preaching God’s word! Sadly, many of us don’t know what “BE STILL” means, so we “think” we’re heeding His word and being still when we’re not….let’s take a look at the definition of “still”:

1. remaining in place or at rest; motionless; stationary: to stand still.
2. free from sound or noise, as a place or persons; silent: to keep still about a matter.
3. subdued or low in sound; hushed: a still, small voice.
4. free from turbulence or commotion; peaceful; tranquil; calm: the still air.
5. without waves or perceptible current; not flowing, as water.

Clearly here, when someone is “still” it means they are quiet, not moving, at peace – not worried, not planning, not thinking, not doing things on their own, they are still. But being still can be the most difficult thing one can ever do in life. When I arrived in Virginia I was immediately ready to go back to Houston – “Home” my familiar place. Things just weren’t going the way I expected, in fact – things got way worse before they got better – I wanted to leave, Lord knows I wanted to run and I surely could have because my sister would have made sure I got back home and had a place to stay. I knew I could get a job within weeks of getting back home, which would allow me to provide for myself, and hey – life would be great! I could still serve God and do what He wanted me to do right? Wrong.

God told me to “BE STILL”….in the midst of being around people who I thought were “friends” but were not…He said “BE STILL” after I arrived in VA and learned everything I owned had been left out on the lawn and was now gone (stolen) so I had nothing but the few clothes in the small bag I had with me. He said “BE STILL” when people lied on me, called me a whore, slut, tramp, liar and even said I deserved when someone touched me inappropriately because of the way I dressed. He said “BE STILL” when someone told me they didn’t have to respect me because I didn’t respect myself and I threatened to take her life (and was very serious about the threat) but since I couldn’t get to her – I attempted to take my own, God saved me and said “I SAID, BE STILL.”

So, I became still, finally I listened and became “STILL”. And I am honest, I disliked it very much because it was uncomfortable, unfamiliar, painful…and every other negative emotion you can think of. But I thank God that He gave me a Spirit of obedience at that time so that I didn’t run away…but I stayed in the place He brought me because He had a work for me to do here. I won’t lie and say the last few years here in Virginia have been a cake walk, it certainly has not, I’ve wanted to leave since I arrived but I am grateful (and always will be) for this place – my desert – and for me staying and being still because it is in this place that God was able to get my attention, without distraction, and bring me to a place of total trust and reliance on Him and Him alone.

You see, as long as I was in my comfort zone around people I knew and had known most of my life, I wasn’t fully focused on God – I had too many distractions and I had to much trust invested in things outside of God – my jobs (I had great jobs in Houston then I arrived to VA and felt like I was working for pennies in jobs I was overqualified for), my social life (tons of friends, admirers, connections in Houston – in VA it was almost as if I were invisible), my income (back home my finances were straight because I had excellent income and even if I didn’t I could always get it)…. but when God brings you to a place where all of that is taken from you it makes you open yourself to Him and learn to trust Him fully. And it did, for me.

I’ve seen such amazing growth in my relationship with God over since I arrived in VA in 2008 til now 2012…it started with me cracking my bible open and reading a chapter a day, to me doing the devotionals in the bible, to building faith through Joel Osteen messages, then on to really getting into the truth of the scripture with Joyce Meyer, and now to God speaking and revealing directly to me and using me to teach others. And He’s only going to do more. But all of this only came about because when He told me to BE STILL, I was that – still, I didn’t run, I didn’t move, I didn’t bite back and tell God what I wanted Him to do and make decisions on my own I was STILL and QUIET and trusting Him to lead me even though I couldn’t see a thing in front of me.

The other day, I had a moment and I got into my I WANT TO GO HOME TO TEXAS mode and was so serious – because God had told me it was time to go, but I heard in my Spirit – NOPE, I SAID GO TO CHARLOTTE, NOT TEXAS BE STILL UNTIL IT IS TIME TO LEAVE. Everything in me wanted to disobey and do what I wanted to do but I know God knows best and I refuse to destroy the work He has done thus far by jumping because something is “uncomfortable” rather than trusting God and His infinite knowledge as the author of my life.

He asked me, “What if you had gone home, back in 2008 when you first arrived….look at what you are doing today for Me, would you have still done that had you gone home? Would the seeds I’ve planted in others through you have been planted if you had gone home?”  ….for the third time in a week I found myself saying “How arrogant can I be?” How arrogant am I to think I know best for myself- furthermore, how arrogant can I be to put my own comfort and feelings above God’s direction for my life? He brought faces and names to me, even down to this ministry Fellowship of Christ, to show me I had to be here for such a time as this not only for myself but for others He placed in my path to plant seeds. It’s like Jesus when He spoke to the woman at the well…had He never gone that way, or spoke to that woman, she would not have been saved and then gone through the village telling others who also were saved…..

We’ve got to understand that our life is NOT about us and our feelings and our comforts and needs but it is about the WHOLE body of Christ! Our obedience not only affects our relationship and growth with God but OTHERS. If I had never been still, I would not be in love with God as I am today – I WOULD NOT, I would not know Him as I do and I wouldn’t be preparing for God to do the great things I know He is doing right now in my life and my future! So I encourage you today – if God has told you to BE STILL, do it. Don’t let fear, emotion, family, friends, spouses, or even your own flesh, mind, and will talk you out of following God’s orders for your life and BE STILL and let Him work. Those who don’t will only find themselves right back in the situation later ….. better to Be Still today while you have nothing to lose than to gain all you desire and then lose it later when God calls you to total dependance on Him later in life.

I had no plans on sharing this today but God laid it on my heart so I pray that those who need to read this will read it, receive, and heed the word. I know it’s tough but trust God, He knows what He’s doing and I promise you the latter will be greater than the former. Selah.

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