Don’t be so WEAK!

You know…I used to get mad at my mom because she is the type to never let me dwell on anything, it doesn’t matter what pain she’d tell me to pick my face up, quit pouting, and keep it moving – life continues you gotta keep moving. I remember not “feeling well” or being “stressed” and my mom would force me to get up and still do whatever I had to do. She just never let me get consumed with my emotions, circumstances, situation, or even pain. Even if I hurt myself she’d say, “Pain is temporary, let it hurt you’ll be alright, it won’t hurt forever” she’d say…. and bandage me up and send me on my way. “You ain’t dead and as long as you ain’t dead you gotta keep on living chile” she’d say…lol boy I hated that statement! I would think, how insensitive why won’t she just let me cry and cradle me like a baby and let me sit with a Popsicle and feel sorry for myself or whatever it is…..

Now as an adult, I realize that was the BEST thing she could have EVER done for me. Because it saddens me to see how many people really can’t function because of “life” and the “stress” of it…. how people freeze up and shut down when problems happen and let everything else they are committed to just fall by the wayside. There are some issues that make you step away… like death of someone close to you, serious illness, or things like that but many of us get overwhelmed at the smallest little hang up and we just can’t do anything what’s up with that? Some people have told me, well you gotta understand people ain’t as strong as you they ain’t like you – BULLCRAP, people are as strong as they want to be at any given moment…we make way to many excuses for ourselves that limit us rather than challenging ourselves with things that grow us.

…. We’ve got to be tougher than that, we’ve got to have more of a fight than that, we’ve got to stop being so darn weak. Geez, I thank my mom for never allowing me to wallow, it is one of my best qualities (in my opinion) cause everyone knows if I say I’ll do it, I’ll do it come hell, fire, floods, thunder and lightening…my commitment will be honored and if it cannot for any reason I am the first to tell you so and find someone who can. Don’t let life stifle you you are much stronger than you think – especially those of us who know and love the LORD!

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