"Equal Protection Under the Law….Unless You’re Gay!"

Now this I can’t believe.  Check out the story here

You may have seen this case on First 48 “The Lester Street Murders” This man (Jessie Dotson) murdered 4 adults and 2 children which would have been 5 children if 3 of the 5 children weren’t rescued when they were. This “man” shot his brother after an argument (more than once – total overkill) then turned around and shot the 3 other adults (who had nothing to do with the argument) THEN stabbed and beat the children – all of which belonged to his brother ranging in ages 9-2 months old). He stabbed his 9 year old nephew in the skull and left him for dead in the tub – he sliced the throat of his 2 month old niece and left her for dead (they both survived after 40 hours alone). The coward, Jessie,  claims it was due to not wanting any witnesses – but last I checked a 2 month old can’t speak let alone testify. 

Anywho, so he is given 6 death sentences for each life he took. Justice! But wait – I come across this article about this dude getting married – MARRIED?  In the article it states: “In 1987, the Supreme Court ruled that prisoners have a constitutionally protected right to marry. While unusual, prison weddings are not unheard of. Convicted child-killer Damien Echols has been married more than 10 years. His wife, Lori Davis, a Manhattan architect, started writing him after he was arrested for killing three 8-year old West Memphis boys in 1994. The two married at an Arkansas prison chapel in 1999.”  (See link above)

So…you mean to tell me, convicted child killers have more protection and equality under the law than law abiding, productive, gay and lesbian Americans? It’s perfectly acceptable for an individual who kills children (and shows no remorse) but gays and lesbians can’t marry because……??? Really now? You will not deny me the rights you allow a lowly, pathetic, child killer….that’s an insult.

To top it off, think about the victims, 20 year old Shindri Roberson, 26 year old Marissa Williams, 33 year old Hollis Seals, 4 year old Cemario Dotson, and 2 year old Cecil Dotson II – they won’t have marriage, they won’t fall in love, they don’t get to smile and have a wedding and exchange love letters with the love of their life (as he called his fiancee)….but this child murdering liar does (did I mention he tried to blame the killings on gangs after the bodies were found, even though his nephew was alive to testify against him)? I’m sorry I don’t agree. And no I’ve never been to prison but if I had killed six people and attempted to murder three (five of them being children) I wouldn’t deserve human contact, marriage, smiles, or any of the likes of these things. smh.

He already told the police he killed everyone else because he didn’t want witnesses, the target was his brother everyone else was just a victim of time and place – but this fiancee of his says “she doesn’t believe he did it” WHAT? smh, anywho, this is my grievance of the day – American keeps on talking about defending marriage and God as a reason for not being just and giving equality to all – but prisoners who’ve murdered children, clearly not at all anything to do with God, can marry?

This isn’t about protecting the religious belief or even protecting marriage (what are you protecting it from exactly?). If gay people get married how will that make marriages fail for heterosexual people – the majority of American marriages fail  anyway (check the statitstics) and gays are not allowed to  marry right now – so who are we to blame at this point in time? Ah, let me guess, it was the intigration of marriage between races? I heard this same argument was used to keep interracial couples from marry too.

Here is a video of Jessie Dotson, in 2011, still denying the crimes (after he confessed to his mother) and now he is even blaming his mother stating “she didn’t tell the truth, but I forgive her” …his own mother doesn’t deal with him now.

I find it highly offensive that my civil rights as listed by the constitution are not protected – even though I am someone that contributes to America and our American family for the better – yet, someone can murder, rape, kill, steal, beat, and live life as savage and still have “equal protection under the law”. WOW, is all I can say about that…. WOW. Let us all ponder on this …..

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