Missing without Action….?

Women, men and children are missing and the law allows require a 48 hour waiting period before anything serious can be done. Even then,with the relaxed way missing adult cases are handled many of them remain unsolved.  I was horrified at how LONG the missing persons log was in the State of Virginia alone ( and that was just for those 18 and younger)!What are we doing? Since when did the sudden disappearance of a person become dependent upon the age, race, and social status of the missing? Should not any case of missing persons – at least when the family can verify that this is NOT normal behavior for the missing party– be handled with the utmost urgency? Or, should we all take the law into our own hands and become responsible for our own families, friends and communities? 

I think it sad many of us can walk by a missing persons flyer and never take a look. We ignore them, look right through them, or catch a glimpse in passing and immediately forget. I don’t know if this is because we refuse to look because we can’t handle it, or if we just refuse to look because we are all so caught up in our own drama.

—– But, when a person goes missing and a fellow man is hurting, is it not our responsibility to drop what we are doing and help – both the missing and the hurting? If it were our family, would we not desire the same?

Sometimes you have to reach a hand to those in need. THE YOUNG LADY INITIALLY FEATURED IN THIS POST HAS SINCE BEEN FOUND.

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