Artificially Fabulous? Part 1

Is it possible to be naturally fabulous in a superficial world?
 Before and After:Tyra Banks
People act like she’s soooo horrid without make-up when she looks like allot of women I’ve seen around the neighborhood…what makes her so ugly without the artificial add-ons?
Take a look around you look at all the women and men you see at your job, in the streets, in the local stores – how many of them appear naturally beautiful? I’m not talking about natural as in: no toothpaste, deodorant, and soap products [I’m not that liberal!] but more so, I roll out of bed, take the necessary care of washing my body, brushing my teeth, combing my hair and dressing myself without all the extra add-ons that are supposed to make me “appealing” to the public. True you may find quite a few people who seem to be natural but even they are [now] pressured into fad diets, skin creams, body softeners, and hair dyes. To be honest, these days it is almost impossible to know what is real and what’s fake…. That gorgeous date you met in the club, looked great with her $500 Lace front, $100 in MAC products on her face, her $300 shoes and $250 mini dress but what will she look like in the morning
I will not lie and say that I have not looked at those beauties with envy myself and thought, GOSH, if only I could look like that! When I couldn’t afford it, I’d BECOME the “knockoff” version buying fake versions of high end products and turning my nose up at other girls with knockoffs as if I were something better – truth was, my act was just better, and even then I had the advantage, theater had always been my passion. :/ No wonder I was such an ugly girl! I was ungrateful for the natural beautify that God had blessed me with and I lusted to be them, whoever they were.   In me, I carried both shame and arrogance, in private, I felt disgraced and unworthy and in public, I presented a confident “FABULOUS” girl… I would argue [internally] that I only felt this way because I was pretending, once I could afford the real stuff, I would feel better because I would be on THEIR level! …and that day came… and I felt like ‘something’ [although I’m not sure what] – every time I put on my costume I instantly became “Fabulous” and I played my part, WELL.
However, I was still a knockoff. Just an imitation of a combination of women I would meet throughout my life. I would study their mannerisms, styles, attitudes, even hair color/styles (Oh un-frown your face, what human has not?) and I would mesh them together to form the perfect woman – or so I thought. Truth is, I was so screwed up I could not keep up with all the characters – more less find the real ME in all of it. And as my life changed, so did my resources, I found myself unable to maintain the expensive salon trips, make-up prices,  bi-weekly mani/pedi treatments and even keeping my most beloved personal products on deck more less maintain my wardrobe! Now I was exposed as the artificial infiltrator that I was and, well, once you are exposed – the other ‘artificials’ turn on you in an effort to protect their artificiality. It is a terrible/horrible mess what they do to you once you are exposed, it really snaps you into a harsh reality of what you had become and how damaging was to your spirit and your natural God given beauty. 
You wake up one morning and all you have are the bare minimums so you brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your natural hair and look down at the un-manicured nails before looking back up at your plain face. You see a horrific sight – not that you truly are – but because this is what you’ve reinforced to yourself over and over again. Every time you torture yourself with long make-up sessions, burn your scalp with chemical perms before baking it under a dryer, and/or subject yourself to ripping hair from your body just so your face and private areas can be “smooth” – you remind yourself that the real YOU, is NOT good enough for the public. Maybe close family members and friends who are just dropping by the house but even then that is rare. WOW. Think about that. NO, NO, STOP – THINK ABOUT IT
In fact, I’ll give you a break to do just that …. end pt. 1. 

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