Artifically Fabulous? Part 2

 Photo of me without artificial add-ons – well except the chemicals that straighten my hair (at the time I was still addicted to the perm)
Now do not get me wrong. I am not saying that we should not take pride in our appearance or that there is anything wrong with paying for products that make you look nice or ENHANCE your beauty! Keyword – ENHANCE; but if it takes an entire beauty department to get your ready in the morning and your beauty routine is more like a chore than a simple process, then there is an issue.  If your beauty process makes you look like you go through an extreme makeover every morning – then there is an issue! There are too many of us who have to “put our face on” before we go out in the morning, which is a sad statement in itself. It is as if you are saying, “Without these products I have no face”; your face is one of the most recognizable parts of your body, it, in a way, defines who you are! If you have to “put on a face” then what exactly, do you become when you go home and take it off?  Kinda makes you wonder.  :/ Do you really know whom you think you know? 
It took me a minute to rid myself of the insecurities brought on by my foolish actions… and for a while there I fancied myself after a simple plain Jane – I didn’t want the attention because I didn’t feel I deserved it but even in my “plain” attitude I was appealing to some. This is when I realized that my beauty, my true beauty, was not measured by how much my outfit was worth or how often my hair was done – but instead how I felt about myself. You see, when I finally accepted that I was pretty, not fat but definitely not skinny, with thick wavy curly hair and large breast that made my back seem wide and a boxed shape I was then able to appreciate my beauty for what it was! It is unique; it is different, hell it makes people that normally don’t go for a girl like me make an exception – because my beauty is just that striking. But it’s not all about the outer beauty – it is the INNER beauty that shines through and makes me stand out. 
To be truly fabulous is to be comfortable with who you are, accept your beauty however unique and different it may be and then to fall in love with yourself and the gifts and talents that make you who you are. That in itself allows you to take the focus off what you DO NOT look like and allows you to appreciate what you DO look like. With this knowledge, instead of covering up what you do not like, you have the confidence to change it, FOR YOU nobody else. It also allows you to enhance that that you do like but without overdoing it. Sure, you may still get your hair done but you do not see the need for a $500 wig that [many times] ends up looking worse than your hair would have in the first place. (I am not judging, I am just saying! I used to spend tons of money on a wig only for it to go bad in about 3 months-even with proper care, don’t front.) You realize that every mask has to come off so I need not false advertise in public…if people can’t accept you without all the pomp and circumstance then they probably aren’t accepting you in the first place – their just accepting your image. 
These days I feel as though I look the best I ever have…even better than I did when I was a size nine and in the beauty shop/nail shop every two weeks and couldn’t beat a date away with a stick. My phone may not ring off the hook, compliments may not roll overflow in my inbox like they did when I was an artificial but when I look in the mirror  I SEE ME, clearly and I embrace her and I love her without reservation or hesitation and she and I have become BEST FRIENDS.  We both think it best to keep the artificial additions to a minimum and anyone who does not like it …well, there loss, not mine.  Being artificial costs too much…and I do not [just] mean financially.
You’re beautiful, embrace it, enhance it, love it!

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