Three Minutes of Self Destruction: Whatever happened to TRUE beauty?

In three minutes a woman‘s confidence can be completely destroyed if she doesn’t understand her value.  All she has to do is sit through a session of television commercials. 
I just watched three minutes of commercials that told me every single area of my body was WRONG. During these three minutes, I was told:
  • ·       I need to lose weight  and drop to AT LEAST a size six to be considered ‘beautiful’
  • ·         I need to purchase special food, exercise programs and pills from diet companies because – well face it, I have been fat this long, who am I kidding thinking I can lose weight on my own.
  • ·         I need to buy an eye cream to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes (or prevent them from emerging if I do not have them (key word) YET
  • ·         I need to tighten my skin with age defying products and even if I don’t have wrinkles, I will, so I should start now
  • ·         Whatever I do, I should NEVER, EVER, think it is okay to wear my natural hair if I have black skin because well… who wants to wear that nappy stuff?
  • ·         …and if I MUST wear my natural hair, I better invest in some kind of creamy chemical crack to straighten those roots because LORD FORBID… a hair should curl up around the edge and make me look “ethnic”.
  • ·         I am cute (kinda :/)… BUT if I want to be a “cover girl” I should buy tons of makeup to gloss over my skin so that I can look my BEST (because of course my best couldn’t possibly be me au natural)
  • ·         Speaking of my skin, I need Proactive, SkinID, SkinRx… anything to clear up my uneven skin tone, dark spots, and any pimples that may pop up.
  • ·         My underwear can’t be sexy because a girl my size shouldn’t wear lingerie – at least that’s what I gather from the commercials since all the models they use are 00-XS but
  • ·         If my underwear is not sexy like the Victoria secrets model…well… that is my fault because I should go back to the first point on the list, and if it IS sexy like the Victoria secrets model… no one wants to see me in it anyway… again – that’s why all the models are a 00-XS so I should probably go to the Avenue, Lane Bryant, or some place with a “Good Bra” and a nice “Covering Panty”
  • ·         My gap is NOT sexy and my teeth couldn’t possibly be clean enough so I should get veneers…OH and last but not least,
  • ·         Because of my height, I cannot possibly be confident, feel sexy, or be successful so I need to purchase these new shoe lift things to give me an extra 3 inches so that I can be and feel “better”.
…and I wonder why I am so crazy about my looks… According to society, [indirectly] nothing about me is beautiful at all, whatever happened to genuine beauty? When did all women have to become size 6 or below, fair skin, straight hair, with a “gap” between their legs and color over thier eyes in order to be considered beautiful. What’s worse… when did we start to accept this?

The sad thing is, even when we get a beautiful, natural haired double digit sister on the scene she eventually becomes invisible under the pressure of society and is forgotten just as quickly as she was celebrated. That is, unless she reemerges as her “new self” to encourage all the other double digit sisters to join her on this life changing mission while trying to sugar coat it with the “I was beautiful before I lost the weight, changed my hair, got new makeup and an entire team of stylist –  but now I just feel so much….better…sexier… hotter.. healthier” however you put still sounds like “I’m better because I don’t look like that anymore”… not a very good message to those who still “look like that”. No wonder we’re all crazy.

Thank God for SELF confidence… meanwhile, I’m going to turn off the television.

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