Pick your battles…not my nerves….

In this life I have learned there battles, distractions and wars – we have to know which we need to waste our energy on. I learned through bible study,“if it doesn’t effect our purpose there’s no need to entertain” – reason: because it is a DISTRACTION to get you off the course of reaching your greater purpose. 

I try to practice this philosophy throughout my life but of course it isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are times when I see something or hear something that makes me want to snap and instantly become the girl I once was…. uncouth, callous and vicious with words. I pray a lot and even have taken people looking at me as if I were a pushover and “soft” because I do let a lot of things slide…. and then there are days where I am in rare form and some people can and will see a different side of me. 

A lot of people use the internet to flex their muscles, some use it to vent, and  still others become instant hardcore gangsters truth is…everyone on the internet is creating the image they want although some people control it better than others. I am who I am all day, everyday, internet or no internet and that’s how I’ve always been. Yes, I study my word daily and try my best to stay the encouraging one but at times I fail and that is why I continuously pray and stay in my devotion…it’s also another reason I choose my associates wisely because allowing the wrong people into your life can bring out sides of you that you’ve worked hard to dismiss.

 Lately, I’ve run across tons of people that my fiancee and I have both tried to help – people we’ve opened our homes, wallets and hearts to only for them to return the favor by giving us their naked a** to kiss. People have lied on us, about us and to us and for the most part I’ve held my peace but eventually enough is enough.

I’ve played the bad girl role… I know how to “act a fool” and “give someone the business” but it’s not necessary to flex my muscles and affirm to the world what kind of strength I have because unlike those who must “show off” I can sit back and smile at the silliness. Honestly, people would be better off going after the Taliban than trying to come at me or my fam – they’d probably have a better chance at winning the war. While we definitely don’t start stuff – we can and will finish it and then thank the offender for their time. 🙂

I don’t even know why I’ve said all this…guess just trying to blow off some steam – well no… also to encourage those who are trying to get out of the drama and remove themselves from the negativity to “PICK YOUR BATTLES AND WARS WISELY” !  Don’t waste your breath or energy on someone whose actions don’t affect your family, your well being, your safety and your purpose on this earth because you will look back and realize that you’ve only played into their game and the energy you spent reading them could have been used to advance yourself…even if it was just a minute, they didn’t deserve it and if they haven’t anything but drama to offer you they don’t deserve to be in your life either. Furthermore, if they aren’t on your level don’t even entertain them or argue with them…as my momma used to tell me “If you argue with a fool,  a person on the outside can’t tell whose who because you both look like idiots.”  So the same can be said for messy people… because at the end of the day everyone involved looks “messy”.

The reality is, most people who slander and cut you down only do so because they feel bad about themselves and their situations; many of them are also jealous, but instead of using that energy to advance themselves so maybe they can get on your level they waste their time hating on people who are so far above them that they don’t even realize they are being hated on – that is until they reach down to try and give one of the ungrateful minions a hand. It’s people like that who will smile at your and welcome you and then as soon as you walk out the door they will spit and curse the ground you stood on. Don’t even set yourself up – when they show you their truth, believe them and then run fast as hell and exit stage left like an addict being released from rehab on free crack Fridays! Yes it is that serious!

The moral of the story? Pick your battles, know your distractions and most importantly don’t let people feed you any old lie and think its the truth! And if by chance you DO pick a battle…make sure it’s one you can actually win….peace… love…. and karma! 😉

~Signing off, 

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