Introducing Ms.Mari

I used to be “That Bitch” I did what I want, went where I wanted and refused to answer to anyone. Needless to say that life failed me, I ended up isolated and alone, lost everything I had and was living from pillar to post trying to figure myself out. It was difficult but it was a lesson I needed to learn. In the past I hurt a lot of people with my actions, attitude and words and I have learned from that… and I have become a better person. My goal in life now is to encourage other women where I was not encouraged. I want to help other women realize their value and worth and understand the damage they do when they slander/attack and degrade other women.
I’m also a lesbian woman whose faced discrimination from family, friends and even strangers because of my sexuality. So I fight for equality – I don’t promote my sexuality but I DO promote basic human rights. I don’t agree with the so called “Gay Agenda” to push our sexuality on children and teens; I also don’t agree with people who are gay because it’s “popular”; but, I am tired of people in my community being condemned and committing suicide because a few people feel they have the right to police everyone’s moral values. I love God and I have a serious relationship with Him but I do not identify with a specific religion because I believe religion is one of the reason so many people shun God. I believe in love, peace, kindness, humility, compassion, a gentle spirit and all things good… I also believe in the greater good of mankind and that love will prevail and evil will fall.
I’m ambitious (some people say too ambitious)and a perfectionist. I love to be original and HATE to be imitated (no I’m not flattered I’m offended) and most importantly I am a Lady of my word. I write for entertainment, educated, awareness, laughs, enlightenment and also to vent so some of my post may be formal and serious while others may be informal and silly…just depends on my mood. Either way, I’m a sweet girl follow me, get to know me, love me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Introducing Ms.Mari

  1. Thank You so much Empire State Beauty Queen!! I checked out your blog as well and you are awesome!! I love your posts on style and trends and how you are so dedicated! LOL! I had been writing but I just stopped posting here I really didn't think anyone was reading! But I guess I should come back! Thanks for letting me know you are reading and please keep in touch! Check out my sisterhood at we're always doing something to uplift and encourage the community and other young women (and we are always looking for exceptional candidates for membership!).


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