Welcome to my words…

I’m not a writer or nuthin’..

I jus’ got words…

come to my mind

an’ I

put em on paper or,

type em on screen.

When I was ten, I wrote down thoughts without effort

…and won a contest – without attempt.

“It’s poetry!” said one.

 “She has a gift!” said another.

The teachers told my momma, my momma told me…

And? Still.

I’m not a writer or nothin’

I jus’ got words

come to my mind.

An’ I put em on paper

or, type em’ on screen.



-Trista Daniell

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  • A Simple Truth – Ego. #TristaDaniell

    August 10, 2019 by

    We were placed here for a purpose, but we have been misled to believe WE are the purpose. Everyone here is for everyone else – WE are ONE. When we separate ourselves from the whole, we begin to operate from our egos which is narcissistic and completely uninterested in anything that doesn’t benefit self. We… Read more

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